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Concierge Plus

Concierge Plus is an online platform that streamlines and automates property management processes, providing users with convenient access. The platform was facing a significant challenge, with a dated interface that only worked on specific desktop browsers.

Additionally, the system needed to be more mobile-friendly, with processes reworked for both residents and security guards. Concierge Plus approached Brand Brain Digital to solve these challenges and provide users with a more productive experience throughout their day.

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The Challenge

Concierge Plus had a dated interface that required modernization. It was also only accessible through certain desktop browsers, posing a problem for mobile users. Brand Brain Digital needed to find a solution that would work on mobile devices for both residents and security guards, while also reworking processes to improve productivity.

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The Solution

Brand Brain Digital started by conducting market and user research to understand industry insights and how competitors were winning and losing. This research informed a full UX audit that identified pain points in the product based on customer feedback.
As a result, the user interface was completely restructured, and a day logging system was implemented, allowing users to easily log incidents and events throughout their day. A slick community-wide announcement feature was also added, enabling community members to receive important information about their building directly. Moreover, users can see upcoming events via their community website, and a community scheduling system was implemented. The platform was made more mobile-friendly with native tablet support, providing users with convenient access on-the-go.
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Actionable Community Analytics

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The Outcome

Concierge Plus now boasts a slick, modern design that offers users an efficient, productive experience. The platform has seen significant improvements in both user engagement and user satisfaction. Thanks to the actionable community analytics, property managers can now keep track of important metrics, allowing them to make better data-driven decisions.

By partnering with Nate and Brand Brain Digital, Concierge Plus was able to provide its users with a more streamlined and efficient user experience, improving both engagement and satisfaction levels. Concierge Plus is now poised to continue its growth as a leading platform in the property management industry, and a go-to solution for users who want to automate and streamline their daily tasks.

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